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ROK Mobile: Music + Mobile Service From The Guy Who Brought Us Patron and Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell(UPDATED) Partnerships betweeen music streaming services and mobile carriers are announced almost weekly, but seldom is the carrier and music service one an the same. That's the one price, one service promise of ROK Mobile which is scheduled to launch internationally later this summer.  Its the brainchild of John Paul DeJoria (pictured left), the marketer behind Patron Tequila and Paul Mitchell Hair Products and British serial entrepreneur Jonathan Kendrick.

Rok Mobile

With the impressive success and now unknown future of Cricket's similar Muve service, ROK Mobile may be able to carve out a significant niche

ROK Mobile is a combination prepaid mobile virtual network operator like Republic Wireless and streaming music service like Spotify. But to the consumer, it will feel like a single product - unlimited voice, texts, data and unlimited access to a 20 million song catalog. There's no word yet on what the service will cost

Partnering with 7Digital and Arterra

The company has partnered with 7Digtal for most of its music services. Arterra Mobility, which serves more than 20 MVNOs, will power ROK Mobile's activations, billing, customer care and integration via its nationwide GSM-based 3G and 4G LTE network.

 With the success and unknown future of Cricket's Muve Music, ROK mobile may be able to carve out a signfigant niche.


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