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RaJuR real deep kool

RaJuR: real deep kool:

A multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger, engineer, studio owner, and label C.O.O. of The HolloMedia Group. Performed all instrumentation on all of his 7 CD releases:
Muzaics, All In The Mind, Official, The Obvious, "real deep kool" and Tracks From The Library Of Flow. Check out the video to see RaJuR in action LIVE and his CD Release Party. Multi-talented, Multi-faceted...that describes-RaJuR


Though I have a passion for music, I also have a passion for niche fragrances and a stellar collection. Check out my YouTube Fragrance Review videos.


Member: Holloman, William (QGBTIX0O)
Title: Tracks From The Library Of Flow
24457 - Rajur (Tracks From The Library Of Flow)
UPC# - 723175970724 - Cat. 11. Best Contemporary Instrumental Album - (CD)
Title: Tracks From The Library Of Flow
24465 - Rajur (Tracks From The Library Of Flow)
UPC# - 0723175970724 - Cat. 2. Album Of The Year - (CD)
24472 - Rajur (Tracks From The Library Of Flow)
UPC# - 0723175970724 - Cat. 4. Best New Artist - (CD)
24475 - Rajur (Tracks From The Library Of Flow)
UPC# - 0723175970724 - Cat. 33. Best Jazz Instrumental Album - (CD)

"Tracks From The Library Of Flow" Double CD
The Backlash (Instrumentals) and The Select Collection (Favorites from my 5 CD releases).
Check them out on SoundCloud full songs, everywhere else for purchase. Don't forget to check out "reaL deeP kooL" last years Grammy Entry. Thanks much.

More Music from RaJuR realdeepkool





Available on the web at your FAV downloading Spot. Listen here 4 FREE first. RaJuR

Just want to say THANK YOU for the LOVE I'm getting for "The Obvious" CD feedback from my Grammy360, Facebook and YOUTUBE Friends!!! I wasn't gonna upload to Soundcloud, but figured why NOT. Thank you immensely for you continued support and NEW friends and connects I'm receiving daily. You know I keep it REAL....and I appreciate YOUR Realness in your support and appreciation of what I do....FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!!!! Sincerely, RaJ
"The Obvious"

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