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UPDATE: Morrissey Wants Proposals From Music Publishers, Warner/Chappell Says 'Not So Fast'

MorrisseyUPDATED: The mercurial Morrissey is looking for a new music publisher even though Warner Music says he's still under contract, Team Morrisey says his 30 year deal for the Smiths and Morrissey catalogs has come to an end. His announcement came not from lawyers or managers, however, but via the almost-official Morrissey online zine True To You. Here's the full text and how you can apply to become Morrissey's music publisher:

From True To You:

Morrissey's 30-year publishing term with Warner-Chappell Music has come to an end. If any publishing company has any interest in making a new offer for Morrissey's solo and Smiths catalogues, they should please contact

As with most things Morrissey, the path forward is not so clear.

A spokesperson for Warners told CMU that “Warner/Chappell continues to be the long-term publisher of Morrissey’s interest in all Smiths songs as well as Morrissey’s solo works up to and including the forthcoming album."