What Artists Should Know About AudioKite

Audiokite_wordcloudGetting honest, unbiased, constructive feedback on your music is easier said than done. Despite your best efforts, the hit song you thought you put together may fall short to listeners – but getting that feedback prior to publicly launching your album may save you some unnecessary frustration. With AudioKite, you get real people who are really listening & really reviewing your work, and thanks to Brian Hazard, you now have access to a promotional code that allows you to try it for yourself at a discounted rate.

AudioKite has built a system where reviewers are answering objective questions about your music – not coloring in circles – which ultimately means your getting higher quality information you can actually build from. As you choose to upgrade your account, you have more control of the questions regarding your recordings. Join the conversation on MusicThinkTank.com and learn more about how to get the most out of AudioKite.

"This is the best market research for musicians I’ve seen yet. I like the service so much that I asked for an affiliate link, which Alex was gracious enough to provide. Get a $10 discount on all reports except the cheapest one (100 listener, non-targeted – $5 off) when you use this AudioKite coupon code…"

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