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More so than anything Corduroy needs to understand what blogs, and fans, are ultimately for--making revenue. If you can't convince people to listen without a cosign you might need to work on your music a bit more.

Seth Keller

I agree that this guy should stop whining. Who wants to believe in a rapper like that...oh, wait:

“You don't realize, I am so frustrated. I am so frustrated. I've got so much I want to give. I've got ideas on colour palettes. I've got ideas on silhouettes. And I've got a million people telling me why I can't do it. You know, that I'm not a real designer, that I'm not this. I'm not a real rapper, either! I'm not a real musician, either! Like, I don't know how to play the piano. I'm an artist. I went to art college and was looked at like I'm soft because I wore like Italian clothes, you know what I'm saying, when I'm rapping in front of Cam'ron. And my pants is tight.”


@Seth Keller
I think the difference between Corduroy and Kanye is that Kanye has already had successful fashion projects with the Air Yeezy and his Louis Vutton shoes, that he had an internship with Fendi, and that some consumers actually look to him for fashion cues. Don't get me wrong, I think that he's pretty entitled too, and that he should've put in more work before feeling like he deserves all of this, but there's a difference between him and Corduroy, lol

chloe nailor


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