Is Trent Reznor Out As Beats Joins Apple?
(Try To Act Surprised) MOG Shuts Down Forever!

Will Music Take Center Stage At Apple's WWDC Keynote? What To Expect Today

image from is famously tight-lipped about what it will announce before they're ready. But some leaks and strong rumors have emerged; and many of them, along with last week's acquisition of Beats for $3.2 billion, point to music taking a more central role at Apple than its has in most of the post-Jobs era. 

Most Likely

  • iOS8 - Apple's iOS operating system is getting as major upgrade. iOS 8 should include some changes for music is handled including improvements to in-home streaming.
  • Shazam - The addition of Shazam-style song recognition seems likely.
  • iTunes Radio App - Several sources say that iTunes Radio will get its own distinct app for easier access. But Apple's acquisition of Beats, could mean a change in plans.
  • Jimmy & Dre - Though the Beats Apple deal is not technically final, I'm betting that Jimmy Iovine and Doctor Dre will make a brief appearance on stage at WWDC. I just can't imagine Apple or these two showmen missing this photo-op.


  • HD Audio - Apple has been experimenting with ways to improve audio. Will Tim Cook reveal HD Audio today and hint at potential synergies with Beats headphones and Beats Music?
  • Who else will be on stage? - How from Beats will be waving from stage. Beats execs Ian Rogers and Luke Woods have been noticeably absent from post-purchase announcements and interviews. One report has Trent Reznor resigning rather than join Apple.  

You can watch today's Apple keynote live here.  We'll be tweeting and posting as fast as we can...

Will music take center stage at today's Apple keynote, or will the music industry have to wait until the Beats deal is final and plans for integration take shape?