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YouTube To Gross $7.2 Billion This Year, But Indie Labels Are Asking Too Much…

image from static1.businessinsider.comWith the launch of YouTube's paid subscription music service appearing to be just days away, and Google's battle with the independent music sector heating up, it seems like the appropriate time to take a look at YouTube's impressive revenue record. Even before Google adds income from a new paid music service: 

  • YouTube will bring in $7.2 billion in gross ad revenues this year up 28.6% from $5.6 billion in 2013, according to the latest eMarketer estimates.
  • In the US, YouTube will net $1.54 billion this year in ad revenues, equivalent to 8.0% of all of Google's net US ad revenues for the year, and a year-over-year increase of 43%.
  • The bulk of YouTube's ad revenues come from video formats. This year, $1.13 billion in YouTube's US ad revenues will come from video ads-helping the company to a dramatic 18.9% share of the overall $5.96 billion US video ad market.

– Video ad revenues are expected to increase significantly in coming years for YouTube's US operations, particularly as mobile video viewership grows. eMarketer estimates the company's revenues from video ad formats will hit $1.51 billion next year, claiming a 19.4% share of all US video ad revenues.


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  1. Indie-labels just want the same as major-labels, so saying “too much” is wrong. You can say its 100% up to Google to do the business and decide for themself, but the way Youtube have grown on illegal musicvideos, doesnt make this so easy.

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