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Paul Kelly

We might seriously consider getting noisy with Spotify and Deezer first and make them pay artists a fair rate for their music! Because what they are paying us now is nothing short of robbery.

Lloyd Epperly

You're telling us to make "much noise as possible about the situation" but where? Commenting on YouTube seems like a black hole. Where can we direct our "noise" to You Tube?

Clyde Smith

One place to start is your own blog and social media outlets. Wherever you reach your fans with news.

But there does need to be a focal point.

I don't know where to point you. WIN isn't taking a grassroots mobilization approach.

Musicians in the U.S. aren't really organized.

So I don't know what to tell you. Honestly I'm an observer in this struggle.

What do you musicians normally do when you want to effect change?

A Facebook User

All good. Music will survive without YouTube. Great music will find its' way to the top with or without YouTube.

The tech industry is showing itself for what it really is; for those who didn't already know. It gives musicians a well defined common enemy. It gives another video streaming service an opportunity to gain serious traction.

Who knows, it could inspire musicians and other artists to find their passion and courage to make some great protest music.

All in, as if your future depended upon it.

Bruce Houghton

Speaking up is the place to start. Even leaving comments here can help. I know that more than several members of the Google music and YouTube teams are regular readers.


@ A Facebook user: Your sentiments are nice, but they are no reason to not make your voice heard in protest of this. If you don't make your voice heard now because you feel that "good music will survive without youtube" than pretty soon all other outlets for people to hear good music will do the same and then before you know.....Good music will not survice.


@ Paul Kelly: Yes we should get noisy at Spotify and Deezer, but FIRST go after Youtube Google, There terms are going to be far worse than Spotify etc. Everybody is going crazy over Spotify who does pay, while Google aides and abets piracy and is supporting outright theft.

A Facebook User

@TJR: apologies if you misunderstood my comments. I thoroughly, wholeheartedly encourage all musicians to step forward and speak out in their opposition to YouTube.

Too many abusive deals have gone down. YouTube has drifted seemingly unmolested in a Safe Harbor that has protected them for years, when they didn't deserve to be protected.

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