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6 Artists Who Are Amazing At Twitter – And What You Can Learn From Them

Grimes2Tweeting is easy, but creating content that your audience will engage with isn't always so simple. It's difficult to find the right niche but with a little good advice and a fair share of homework, you'll own your own Twittersphere in no time. Keeping it real but not too personal can mean walking a fine line, but if auto-generated content is your current status quo, it might be time to change your game. 

You can choose to tweet only about your music or about the work your doing, or you can choose to let the music speak for itself. You can keep it simple with basic statements, questions, or promotions of causes you believe in, or you can aim higher with #AskTwitter chats. No matter what your goal, we all can stand to learn a thing or two from these artists. Join the conversation with Shawn Wilson on

"If you happen to be a naturally funny person, please save yourself some time, do your career a favor, and just be really funny on Twitter. Most of us can’t do it, and there is literally no single greater way to win followers and fans."

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