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Beat-junkies-Record-pool-adRecord or music pools trace back to David Mancuso's efforts in the 1970s to get record labels to share new releases with a group of djs that played in clubs in New York. Record pools have taken on different forms over the years. Famed dj/turntablist crew Beat Junkies has launched a record pool on their site that is more about opening up their library than about getting the latest promotional releases. At least some of the emphasis is on giving emerging hip hop djs access to classic beats but it also features Beat Junkies edits and a community aspect as well.

The classic record pool may have changed quite a bit since David Mancuso had to educate labels on the promotional value of having their new releases in all the clubs. The new record pool at Beat Junkies isn't about the latest hits but about providing access to:

"exclusive, custom edits, remixes and rare a cappellas, the record pool on BeatJunkies.com provides the materials that have built countless classic sets from the Beat Junkie crew."

The Beat Junkies Digital Record Pool

But the record pool isn't just archival and new material will be added weekly.

In addition there seems to be a community or, at least, access to Beat Junkies aspect:

"The site also provides access to the Beat Junkies themselves, true artists who've combined to win nearly every DJ competition on the planet and share their unique talents of precision and creativity on stages across the globe."

I haven't seen the backend so I don't know how that works but this seems like a great way for Beat Junkies to build a community on their site around their strengths that's about more than just being a fan of their musical efforts.

Subscription plans are $35 a month for unlimited downloads. Additional savings and extras are offered for paying for longer periods.


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