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Mike Price

If you are writing about social networks that focus on the business side of the industry, why did you include three sites that are NOT business related? They are all targeting fans?

As a music supervisor, musicpage.com is the only industry site i use. They only let musicians and pros join, it has actual industry information in the profiles; cds sold, songs licensed, performance attendance numbers, sound specs along with contact names and numbers.

When you include "business orientated social aps" in the title, i expected to read about sites for music professionals, not fans.

Clyde Smith

It's oriented not orientated. Though I don't object to people using slang.

You mischaracterized the networks.

And you killed my interest in whatever site you mentioned that I've never heard of.

Nice work!

Mike Price

Sorry I made a typo while typing on a phone. Its completely appropriate that such an offense should kill your interest in a music industry website. What are you, 12?

I enjoy reading your posts and assumed the comments section was for ... uhm ... posting comments.

But if a typo offends you so that you feel the need to slam one of your readers, it kills my interest in reading more of your stuff.

Nice work!

George K (Singer/Guitarist)

FYI, these is my perception. Feel free to disagree. :)

I am no tech illiterate. I run a technology company, and an amateur musician that gigs at local bars and jams with friends when i find time.

I checked out Gigmor since they are up and running right now on the web. I have been using bandmix and paying for being matched with local musicians. Nice to see Gigmor is doing all of that for free. Plus the site looks much better and mobile friendly.

Jammcard looks promising but I dont completely understand the concept from watching the video with QR codes. AAMP looks good for selling your music etc. Overall i like where the industry is going with these services. Time to cut my bandmix subscription.

David B, Gigmor Founder


Gigmor is actually not targeting the band/fan relationship. There are already a lot of players in that arena.

We're all about connecting musicians: to other players, to bands who need players and to industry pros looking for talent. Many of our members are either freelance musicians or up and coming bands.

Emir Turan

Hey Clyde,

Great piece! But i think you should have added Giggem.com to this list too. We now have more than 30.000 Musicians and Industry pros connecting and making career connections. Fyi.



Please check out tuneorg.com. It's a site solely for connecting musicians, producers, and recording engineers.

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