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Cameo Video Editing App Upgrades Soundtracks, Adds Music Promotions

Mzl.hzyxubxxCameo is a mobile video editing app that has some nice features well-designed for editing videos on a smartphone. Earlier this year they were acquired by Vimeo in what seems like a nice match. Today they released a new iOS app featuring an upgraded soundtrack feature as well as music promotions within the app. The potential for promoting music by getting a bunch of videomakers to use it in their clips seems powerful. But I can't help but be captured by the fact that Cameo has the potential to be a much stronger discovery platform for those who just want to watch.

I mentioned the Cameo app back in the fall as a tool for HD mobile videomaking.

Since then they've been acquired by Vimeo which seems like a good fit given Vimeo's focus on creating a platform for high-quality videos and Cameo's efforts to create intuitive tools for mobile creation of HD videos.

Today they released an upgraded iOS app that includes an integration with Vimeo for posting as well as Cameo Badges for recognizing videomakers that have been featured in the app.

Soundtracks-cameoBut the biggest news is the expansion of their soundtrack feature.

When first released the app either picked out a soundtrack from Cameo's library or allowed you to choose the live audio for each clip.

The new app introduces an expanded soundtrack feature:

"The redesigned music experience features a completely new soundtrack browser, with new release features, genre sorting and an interactive mode to preview the tracks (pro tip:swipe left or right in the modal to quickly listen to lots of music)."

Music available for Cameo soundtracks will also be "featured throughout the app with customized promotions."

I haven't seen any of these promotions but the mobile app, in stark contrast to Cameo's website, seems well-designed for video browsing and discovery so one would expect that design element to carry over to music promotions.

Hopefully a serious web redesign will follow which should help with building audiences for video on Cameo. While being a tool for videomakers can be a positive thing and that certainly fits in with Vimeo's tendencies, the opportunity to be a powerful viewing platform for all those people who just like to watch remains a tantalizing possibility.

Want an example? Consider GoPro.


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