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Congressional Hearing Today: "Moral Rights, Termination Rights, Resale Royalty & Copyright Term" [WATCH]

US CONGRESSToday, Tuesday July 15th at 1PM ET, the U.S. House Judiciary subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet will hold the latest in a series of hearings on current copyright law as part of the subcommittee's ongoing review of the Copyright Act.  You can watch the hearings live online.


Future of Music Coalition Vice President for Policy and Education, Casey Rae, is among those who will testify at the hearing on “Moral Rights, Termination Rights, Resale Royalty and Copyright Term.” 

“Termination rights are especially important today, given the evolution of the marketplace," says Rae. "For example, we now have an expanded range of license opportunities and uses that are still on the horizon. One huge development is the ability to sell music directly to fans. As an artist, I want to be able to directly participate in revenue streams generated from the use of my work, and that’s something I hear from other artists as well. Termination rights are part of our leverage and help to ensure that we receive fair compensation.” 

Rae will also address the importance of attribution to musicians and songwriters, as well as stressing that Congress’ review of existing copyright law provides an opportunity to examine new proposals regarding the period under which copyrights receive federal protection (currently the lifetime of the author plus 70 years).

A full list of today's witnesses and ther testimony.