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Innovative ways to harness your creativity and captivate your audience is the name of the game these days. The times when standard block print slapped on a billboard got everyone's attention are long since over. Art has taken on a different role as the identifying factor for individual brands everywhere. Artists, designers, and musicians are constantly challenges to push the creative envelope in ways that grows their fanbase and expands their reach, but in order to do so successfully, you must understand the changes that have taken place and the trends that are making that happen.  

The competition is definitely stiff, and the possibilities may be endless, but if you can't get results that scale, you're going to fall off the boat just as quickly as you found yourself on it. Midlevel artists are the ones who find themselves stuggling the most. Because they're not in the top tier of industry influencers and revenue generators, their access to creative resources may be extremely limited. Learn more about the transition from art to advertising and how to stay ahead of the game with Thomas Honeyman on

"There’s a new social contract online. The general idea is that musicians, writers, and filmmakers are expected to deliver their creative works free of charge to online culture at large. In exchange, every tweet, share, and download is a form of promotion for the artist. Art has become advertising."

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