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How They Made The Music Video: OK Go and Tweedy

Ok-go-videoI often round up music videos using new tech but today's examples from OK Go and Tweedy focus more on the process of making the videos than on anything radically new. OK Go released a behind the scenes video for "The Writing On The Wall" and Shutterstock's Doug Levy chatted with them about the process. Allison House, who's never worked on music videos, shares the process of applying her design skills to directing and animating the first single from Tweedy.

Behind-The-Scenes: From the Trenches of The Writing's On the Wall

You may have seen OK Go's music video for "The Writing's On The Wall." Not sure how to describe this one-shot adventure but you can check it out for yourself if you haven't yet.

Doug Levy from Shutterstock interviewed OK Go's Damian Kulash and Aaron Duffy for more about the making of including a quick change act:

"Tim had less than 20 seconds to remove his prosthetic half-beard, take off a full suit of clothes, run up a flight of stairs, don a mirror laser-cut to his profile, and hit his mark before the camera caught up with him. It’s incredible that the makeup folks managed to get the beard removal down to something like 5 seconds. "

Tweedy – "Summer Noon"

Allison House is a designer who's worked on such sites as Dropbox and Codeacademy. Though she's never done an animation longer than 2 second and has never directed a music video, she agreed to direct and animate the music video for Tweedy's first single.

Tweedy is the collaborative project of Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and his son Spencer Tweedy.

House discusses her design process with illustrations. Her takeaway from the project as a whole?

"Grit is a trait worth cultivating."


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