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Christopher Bright

Congrats on 10 years! Thanks to Bruce and everyone involved for your dedication and hard work! It's very appreciated!

Jack Kelly

Congratulations Bruce! A must read for me every day, due to the high quality of your work.

Jack Kelly
Adva Mobile

Bruce Houghton

Thanks you for the kind words.

Nick Dolan

Happy birthday Hypebot! Congrats on 10 years, keep up the great work!


Have found both great new services and creative ways of thinking over these years thanks to Hypebot. Congartulations!:-)

Caroline Bottomley

Well done Bruce and all. I really appreciate having Hypebot in my inbox.

Hisham Dahud

Huge congratulations and an even bigger THANK YOU are in order to you, Bruce. I owe an incredible amount to Hypebot as a reader, and was so privileged to go under your wings during my time on staff. That time undoubtedly helped chisel me in to the music professional I am today.

Big, big thanks go to Kyle Bylin as well for never accepting anything less than absolute quality from me. That man instilled "attention-to-detail" as a way of life for me; owe him tons, too.

Clyde Smith keeps me (and so many more) coming back everyday, his commentary continues to feed me and everyone else in invaluable ways. The ship is indeed in tremendous hands.

Music and technology's love / hate relationship will only intensify in the years to come - here's to 10 more years of Hypebot keeping us informed and able professionals. =)

Hisham Dahud

Brian Zisk

Thanks so much for everything Bruce, may Hypebot have the happiest of birthdays! :-) Hypebot is a great resource which helps the ecosystem move forwards, and we'd be a lesser industry without it.

Anne Leighton

There are so many reasons I'm grateful to you!
Long may you rock!

Mitchell Fox

Bruce et al-just the thought of sustaining a consistant voice over these past ten years is an achievement in itself. Good luck and good fortune to you all -past, present and future!!

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