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Kanye West Declares Victory Over Coinye Digital Currency. As Usual, He’s Wrong.

image from content.animalnewyork.comEven the mighty Kanye West is no match for the digital currency revolution.

With his usual bravado, West declared victory Friday over digital currency Coinye for using his likeness and name without permission.  West's claim came after his attorneys filed for a summary judgement in NYC since most of the defendants – many of them 'John Does' – failed to answer his complaint.

But, it's not over yet…

image from www.coinyethecoin.comOf course, West and the headline writers at Billboard and elsewhere, seem to forget that the judge still needs to sign off on Kayne's request.  

And then there are the clone sites already cropping up like "The New Official Coinye Site aka The (most) Official Coinye Site Out There!". The site's creators go on to declare, "You heard Coinye is dead? Unfriend whoever told you that crap!"



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