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XboxIn an unexpected move that could broaden the appeal of the platform Microsoft has opened the XBox Music API to developers. There's little earth shattering here for developers - just the usual lookups, content and 30 second song previews for all. But this is Micorsoft and it is XBox, and that should spark interest. To further entice developers,Microsoft is also launching a generous affiliation offer.

Xbox affilaite

"Every user you redirect to the Xbox Music application can earn you money on content purchases and Xbox Music Pass subscriptions. You currently will earn a 5 percent share on purchases and as the Xbox Music pass is at the core of our service, 10 percent on all music pass payments for the lifetime of the subscription.  In the US for example, that's one dollar, per user, per month."

"To make things even better, we're not limiting affiliation to the device the user was on when clicking on a link. The user could be opening up a link on his Windows 8.1 tablet and subscribing on a Windows Phone. You would still be getting affiliation revenue sharing for that subscription."

More info here.