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Soundwave-logoMusic messaging is kind of a weird space since people rarely send music as a message. Two mobile startups are taking what I think are the two main routes for music messaging, sharing music while chatting about it in the same feed and picking out snippets of music that can function as messages. Soundwave has added a form of group music messaging to its mobile app that takes the former route while La-La recently debuted an iOS app that sends music snippets as messages.

Soundwave: Group Music Sharing and Chatting

SoundwaveSoundwave has released their Soundwave 2.0 app for Android and iOS. It adds Music Messenger, a group messaging feature, that allows users to share music and chat while creating group playlists.

The app as a whole has been described as "practically a new app" but is still built on Soundwave's ability to share links from one music service which recipients can use to listen to on other services. They're said to now support over 20 music services.

This combination of music sharing and text chat with the addition of playlist generation seems like a potentially powerful way to bring music and messaging together while building on things people already do.

La-La: Messaging With Song Snippets

LalaLa-La Messenger is a new iOS music messaging app. It's an interesting concept though the app seems a bit buggy at the moment.

The basic idea is that you can only send music, no text chat happens in the app, and you have a choice of snipping a section or sending a whole song which you purchase.

The recipient doesn't know what song the snippet is from until they hear it.

The snippet is apparently auto-generated (I couldn't get it to work) and starts at the vocals so that would fit sending a message.

As one commenter noted, it's a "cool idea" they just ned to "make it work."


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