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Geek-Labs-300x300LH Labs, a part of Light Harmonics, successfully completed an Indiegogo campaign to fund their Geek Wave "high-performance portable music player." Their campaign goal of $38,000 was dramatically surpassed closing Saturday with $1,323,073 in pleges. Geek Wave can be viewed as a competitor with the PonoPlayer but seems  to be of interest to a different crowd than Pono's drawing.

The Geek Wave campaign page describes the player as a "high performance music player you can take with you on the go, made for discerning ears." They state:

"We've taken the best ideas from the hundreds of different players on the market, and combined them with the high-performance features that we're known for, to create a no-compromise, high-performance portable music player."

Geek Wave Indiegogo Pitch

The "we" in question is  LH Labs which is a part of Light Harmonic.

Apparently they have a reputation that allowed them to outperform in a music hardware crowdfunding campaign that came after a large wave of such projects most notably the PonoMusic player.

Here's are some of the specs:

The highest resolution audio available – 32 bit/384 kHz PCM capable.

Drag and drop music management with expandable storage – Easy to manage from computer hard drives.

An intuitive user interface – offers a standalone player and allow the user to control it with a smartphone.

Ten Processor Cores – Uses both a dual core MIPS32 MPU from Microchip Technology and an eight core 500MIPS CPU from XMOS.

A large, interchangeable battery – user-accessible. After the expected two year lifespan of the rechargeable lithium ion battery, the user can easily swap in a new one.

Congratulations to LH Labs on a great job. I look forward to seeing future reviews of Geek Wave.


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