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Rhapsody Passes 2 Million Paid Subscribers, Expands French and Latin American Services

rhapsody napsterRhapsody announced this morning that its has more than 2 million paid subscribers globally across its Rhapsody, Napster, recently launched UnRadio services. It's a significant milestone for the music streamer, who has built its user base differently than most of its competitors; favoring limited free trials over virtually unlimited profit-killing free music services. 

Last month Rhapsody launched unRadio in partnership with U.S. mobile operator T-Mobile. Today, the company’s Napster division announced a partnership with SFR, France’s second largest mobile operator, to make the personalized radio service available under the name Napster Découverte (Napster Discovery). Available now for €3.95 a month, it will be marketed alongside the Napster Premier service that SFR and Rhapsody launched in France last Fall. 

In Latin America, Napster and Telefónica’s Movistar have launched Napster Premier in several new countries, including Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Rhapsody and Telefónica announced a partnership last fall in Europe and Latin America to market the Napster Premier music service to mobile customers. Mobile partnerships have proven improtant the music streamer, who now boasts 80% of listening is via mobile. 

Rhapsody and Napster are now available in 32 countries in Europe, Latin America and the U.S. 

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