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Robin Thicke's New Album Sold Just 530 Copies Last Week In UK

twerkFor an international pop superstar, Robin Thicke had a pretty crappy week. His ode to estranged wife Paula Patton sold just 530 copies in its debut week in the UK. That's 2% of his previous album's first week UK sales. In the US, his first week numbers were a little better at 25,000, but that's still a whole lot less than the 177,000 his last album "Blurred Lines" sold in week 1.

Should we be surprised?

Without Naked Women No One Cares 

tickeThe press is blaming a really band marketing campaigned crippled by a series of pr faux pas and bad press. But the real reason is that Thicke churns out music that's a mile wide and an inch deep.

Without naked women dancing in videos and Miley Cyrus' twerking ass, no one cares about Robin Thicke.  As Prince and Madonna proved more than a decade ago, after you've taken off all your clothes, there's no shock value left,  

Then its time to go make some great music, and that's something Robin Thicke has consitently failed to do.