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People don't realize that this is how a lot of big companies work. They'll infiltrate competition through bribery, manipulation, or they'll just buy you outright and shut you down. Soundcloud poses a real threat to streaming services and the majors will do everything they can to make their product look #1.

Justin Boland

"In fact, his post got me looking back at SoundCloud coverage and it's looking like 2014 is the year SoundCloud decided to kill its central spot in indie and DIY music."

Sad but true! And THANK YOU for keeping up the coverage on this death march, Clyde.

Jack Williams

#1 It doesnt sound so good, but maybe Soundcloud infringe quite a lot Universal artists and dont "dare" to not allowing thwm to do so? I dont see bribery or manipulation has something to do with this.


yea nice info. one of my accounts got cancelled as well what a pity


It's clear in SoundCloud terms that you must not upload other's but only your own music, as the copyright owner. If you break the law, you're out. I've seen many 'uploaders' who share full albums and songs which are normally sold in stores but these folks give pirated versions away via free downloads on SoundCloud. I've no time for reporting these idiots but it's up to legal copyright holders to do so.

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