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Soundsight Headphones Shoot Video For Livestreaming Or Editing

Soundsight-headphonesSoundsight Headphones are designed to be high quality headphones that record video based on where the wearer's head is turned that can be livestreamed or edited through a mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. They won't be available till Christmas though there's a preorder sale currently in progress. But they're an interesting example of a product that one dj describes as "Beats meets Instagram and GoPro."

I admit, I got sucked into writing about Soundsight Headphones due to this Engadget post that pitches it as a way for DJs to record their sets. But when I got deeper into the product I realized that doesn't really fit what djs do. For example, as one commenter notes:

"When I DJ don't really keep the headphones on full-time, and I have one ear exposed to monitor the level over the house system… So I wouldn't be a guy that offers much more than a tilted 'Dutch angle' shot of the lighting system."

Even the Soundsight promo pic they're running is from the angle of somebody using the system to video the dj from behind the dj though that's on Soundsight. Nevertheless it's an interesting product worth discussing and you can get a sense of its capabilities from the below video:

SOUNDSIGHT Headphones – Capturing Music In Motion

Soundsight Headphones are more of a GoPro type product in that they have a wearable camera but, in this case, the camera is embedded in the headphones. Soundsight Headphones will have an associated mobile app, as does the Go Pro, and that's where things get interesting because the app is what allows both video and audio editing.

Based on the video, audio editing involves music from one's library so beyond expected consumer behavior there's also the potential to upload one of your own songs or a live audio recording and use the Soundsight Headphones and paired mobile device as a mobile media studio.

Some additional elements worth considering

"What makes the SoundSight headphones all the more interesting is this – it will be able to capture audio within the video from the wearer’s point of view, in addition to delivering livestreaming capabilities straight from the stage or studio."

You can find out more of the details via this Soundsight FAQ or preorder at a discount via the homepage.


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