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this is incorrect. the distributor scaled down its label roster back in may, but has now announced complete closure of the business effective end of july.
please correct the article.

Clyde Smith

Where is this supposed announcement?

I'd love to see it. I can only find secondary info.

stephen reel

any distro pulling it's content off streaming sites and then re-uploading as they got their facts wrong, to then get rid of 180 labels and then expect to survive can safely assume it doesn't work.

stephen reel

@Clyde Smith

We're scaling it back.

When STHoldings started in 1998 it was born out of a love of independent music. We set out to build something that empowered the underground independent artist and gave them freedom to focus on their art.

Looking at the situation today, things have changed... the ethos is getting lost & STH and it’s labels are dissatisfied. Personally I do not feel that STHoldings can and should continue on it’s current path. I have decided to hit the reset button and for STH to return to it’s roots. It is time to get back to what matters… underground music.

Starting today, we are only going to work with a small number of approximately 30 record labels that reflect this ethos. Regrettably this means that some labels are being let go, to whom I am sorry.



Clyde Smith

Yes "stephen reel" you've posted the statement from May from which I quoted in the piece.

But people are getting all agitated and telling me they're shutting down entirely now, that it's not just a reduction.

Yet no one can give me anything updated other than "confirmations" in EDM blogs without supporting evidence.

This is starting to remind me of writing about hip hop business back in the previous decade.

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