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Sub-pop-logoSub Pop's been making bold moves of late from opening a record store at Sea-Tac Airport to launching a digital music subscription service. Last week they debuted a web radio station on TuneIn, a massive platform for web radio including both pure plays and terrestrial streams. It's hard to say how the station will do but it's another strong forward move by Sub Pop.

Sub Pop Radio is a new station on TuneIn a platform known more for terrestrial radio, including NPR, than music.

Music is certainly present on TuneIn in a wide variety of genres however TuneIn includes but doesn't feature music on its Explore page.

TuneIn's PR manager Siobhan Murphy revealed that bringing in Sub Pop was part of the company's "main goal to be the number-one place for all audio from all over the world."

Sub Pop's arrival comes at a good time. TuneIn revamped their site with a much more social orientation a couple of months back.

I don't get the sense that this is indicative of a bigger push into music for TuneIn and I don't know how well such a station will do for Sub Pop. But it's certainly another great example of how Sub Pop's exploring the possibilities for what a label can be.


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