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Today's music industry is constantly evolving. If you're not a part of the changes that are currently taking place, it's important to at least know what is going on around you. With different tecnhological advances, the way in which we share music has changed forever. It is no longer about the full album download, but rather how to keep the listener engaged enough to download your music in the first place. 

You'll never find a shortage of resources to get your music out to your fans and potential listeners, but knowing where to focus your energy can save you a lot of time and energy. Learn about the changes being made to common interfaces and how to use them to your advantage with Monk Turner on

"On the user side of things, Cloud technologies have moved people away from downloading a bunch of files they would have to keep on their computer. I can see this trend in the recent decline in downloads and uptick in streaming plays of my own music. So the challenge is how to keep listeners engaged with a full album of songs in a streaming hit single-oriented world."

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