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As someone who has done covers to make money. I can attest to this. The gigs are drying up. Some of the reasons for this is stated in this article. But one reason that isn't stated in this article is all those original bands that where willing to play for free or pay to play because they where hoping to get discovered.

Venues that used to pay musicians to play 3 hours of covers found out that they could line up 3 original bands to play for free (the venues where not able to distinguish there was a different dynamic to a cover band vs an original band...all they understood was that they didn't have to pay them). This tactic failed so therefore the venues decided that live music doesn't work any more and rather than bring back the cover bands they just cut live entertainment out all together.

Other venues that used to hire cover bands found out what the showcase clubs for original music where doing and started making the bands responsible for bringing in their customers (once again they didn't understand the different dynamic of a cover band vs an original band) which is a bad business model, since it had no bearing on whether or not the band was good and only that they could draw. If a band was bad but could draw, it worked OK until that band moved on or went kaputn the venue was left at ground zero with no loyal customers and meanwhile that awful band with a lot of friends drove away the customer base the venue used to have.

Martin Rowell

I think it's due to the decline of venues with live music. Check out your local music calendar...Most bands playing on the weekend are cover bands.

We, E. Christina Herr & Wild Frontier, started out with all original music. Now about a third of our sets are covers. Of course, we put our on spin on most of them, ("State Trooper", https://soundcloud.com/e-christina-herr/state-trooper-1?in=e-christina-herr/sets/americana).

What do you think of our original work? http://echristinaherr.com/


On what factual basis are you supporting the WSJ article?


The only bands that play round these parts where I live are cover bands. Impossible for anybody playing original music to get a gig round here because 'nobody knows their music so they won't like it'. Apparently people only like music they know, which is contrary to the Top-40 brigade, who would rather die than hear a piece of (manufactured pop) twice as what is next is far more important than what is good. Conclusion - it's rubbish. Used to make a decent living playing originals in the 80s. These days I drive a truck.

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