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Dot-fmThough anyone can register a .FM domain, thanks to the benevelonce of the Federated States of Micronesia, it is quite popular and often associated with music-related sites including but certainly not limited to radio. But I'm still surprised to find the top 40 .FM sites to be so dominated by music. In addition, use is international with a particularly strong Chinese adoption. Take a look for an alternate view of the web-based music industry.

The .FM top-level domain (TLD) is the only one I've ever recommended to a music site that didn't have great .com options. That may change as new domains are introduced but .FM has achieved solid status as a music-related domain.

Today .FM released a current .FM Top 40 Hits list of top websites.

Here are the top 10 with descriptions via .FM:

douban.fm - Chinese based Music site - Personal Online Radio for Young China.

last.fm - Last.fm, the world’s largest social music platform owned by CBS Interactive.

qingting.fm - Voted Best Mobile Radio App for Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau (dragonfly).

yinyue.fm - FM (Music FM) is a completely free music player software offering new user experiences.

ask.fm - Simple and beautiful conversational Q&A service.

poll.fm - Poll Daddy is an online survey poll service. Poll.fm is the company's short URL for Social Media.

deti.fm- Children's radio - The only Russian station, broadcasting content exclusively devoted to children.

1.fm - 1.FM is an online Multi-Channel Radio Service. Featuring nearly 40 Music Formats.

diange.fm - Live real-time interactive music stations from China.

sky.fm - SKY.FM is an Multi-Channel Internet Radio Service.

It's an interesting list with the majority of sites related to music and the majority of those with a Chinese focus. That holds for the full top 40 which you can also download as a PDF.

But the longer list also has a wider range of global locations with numerous radio-related sites.

Take the list as you will but I find it to be an easy opportunity to get an alternate view of the global online music industry.


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