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Back in 2011 we saw this coming when Altavoz put out Music that Changes the World -- 4 Volume Boxset for Record Store Day. And what has not changed then and now is any kind of help for companies that are in the music biz. Case in point when StartupAmerica.org -- the Admin attempt to help America grow -was just starting, I got to talk to Scott Case the point person for it and he said that there was no way that anyone would invest in the carbon economy and that StartUpAmerican would certainly not help.

So I can imagine before vinyl being a regular headline that any plant owner looking for funds to expand got laughed out of the banks or VC's office. As well until the USA starts to invest in USMADEMUSIC we are going to continue to suffer the effect of the Major's haliburtonization of the entertainment.

PS Now if you make and app that steals music you get funded, If you're part of any part of the actually making of music you get nadda.

PSS the kids are coming back for new music that indie's are putting out; However; since so few Indie understand physical distribution the Majors that do understand it are gaming the system and IMHO RSD.

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