What I Learned About Songwriting From Being Stuck in Traffic

Taylor_omgTop charting songs predominantly have one thing in common: they get your attention. Whether it's the imagery, unshakeable melodic line, or the classic mantra-like one-liner, they harness popularity by think, over and over again. Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a successful song and how you can use that formula to create your own hit single? You just hit the "how to" jackpot. 

The power of conveying one idea with purpose and clarity is not to be underestimated in this arena. Your songwriting should reflect your personal story in a way that offers relatability to your audience. Join the conversation on MusicThinkTank.com as Lukas Camenzind breaks down the core pieces of successful songwriting. 

"Many of the popular country songs are not only very specific, but also very descriptive: they paint vivid pictures in the listeners mind. It works so well because it sparks imagination. And – like in a virtual reality – the listener becomes the main character of the song… It’s a powerful way to make your songs more engaging! Describe places, smells, and other sensations to create those mental images."

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