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What They Really Mean: The Musician's Guide To Industry Speak

Radiohead-computerNetworking is one of the most crucial components to any job in any industry. Your ability to connect and stay connected can easily make or break you. Knowing what you want and how to translate that into what you need to do to get there makes a world of difference on the road to success. If you're hitting dead ends and brick walls in your outreach to industry influencers, this is the perfect read for your Monday morning. 

Join Sari Delmar as she disects the particulars of the music industry and offers translations so that you have a better understanding of how to navigate the path ahead. Start the week off on the right foot with!

"As a fellow industry person, trust me when I say we aren’t trying to make you rip your eyes out. We are talking in industry speak. We are moving quickly, managing a million things and sometimes the idiosyncrasies can get lost in translation. Sometime we are too short and a more elaborate answer could help, we know. It takes that one email sent in the right moment to the right person to change everything."

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