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Caroline Bottomley

A lot of very polished spin from YouTube in this article. I'm looking forward to seeing how the anti-trust allegation proceeds in the European courts. I noticed Google are doing PR on the BBC Today programme this morning too. I guess they must be rattled a little.

Caroline Bottomley

Have asked Death and Taxes to do an article on Google, Amazon et al and their attitude toward piracy. Complete double-speak! It's very important content owners protect their copyright. Viz the flourishing of the arts in the 1700s when copyright laws were introduced. Copyright allows creators to make a living from their creations. And feed the people who promote their creations.


One of the 'Happy 95%' (artists who 'accepted' Google's new controversial contract) shares his views here:

"In each case, the labels and their artists have been signed into this lousy contract with YouTube without the labels’ (or their artists’) ever having a choice"

...and here's his conclusion:

"It’s THE FIGHT of our time"

More here in the comment section:


Clyde Smith

I don't believe this article is real.

An uidentified spokesperson reveals some of the biggest recent news about Google/YouTube to Death & Taxes?

How long have you guys been keeping up with corporations and their control of messaging?

This doesn't make sense especially with no followup from Google or YouTube.

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