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10 Biggest Album Release Flops Of 2014

albumAs with most years, the music industry delivers both bits hits and big misses. 2014 is no exception, with several major stars flaming out in spectacular fashion and fans of TV music contest shows reminding us that viewing is very different than buying. Here, based on first week sales, are the 10 Biggest Album Release Flops Of 2014:

Robin Thicke "Paula" 
1st Week Sales 24,000
Candice Glover "Music Speaks"
1st Week Sales 19,000
Jennifer Lopez "A.K.A."
1st Week Sales 33,000
Lea Michelle "Louder"
1st Week Sales 62,171
50 Cent "Animal Ambition"
1st Week Sales 47,000
Tessane Chin "Count My Love"
1st Week Sales 7,000
Ashanti "Braveheart"
1st Week Sales 28,000
Mary J. Blige "Think Like A Man Too"
1st Week Sales 8,688
Austin Malone "The Secret EP"
1st Week Sales 46,000

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