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11 Ways To Be A Happier Musician Person

TimthumbThe road to success is long, brutal, and relentless - it's not for the faint of heary or for the negative nancies of the world. It is for the go-getters, the hard workers, the over-achievers - the musicians who never give up. Nothing worth having comes easy, but the journey from start to finish can be drastically altered by one word alone: Attitude. Success or failure begins and ends with your attitude. Self-imposing minor adjustments throughout your day may make a world of difference.

Dial down the hate and criticism of those around you. If you spent half of that energy on bettering yourself you'd be floored by the results. Plan ahead - both on and off the road - and along the way, learn when and where to say "No". When you're on the road already the last thing you want is to be over committed. Say please, say thank you, and do yourself a favor - read this article by Jacquie Neville, lead singer of The Balconies, on I don't know about you, but I've got some work to do! 

"Let go of that inner self-loathing monologue. That’s how you become more creative and more successful. Listen to everything. Read. Paint. Draw. Travel. Take pictures. Explore. Watch movies. Observe. Write. Remember you have the best job in the world, so treat these things as research."

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