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25 Most Buzzed About Music Festivals and What The Fans Discussed Revealed By Eventbrite

Eventbrite-logoToday Eventbrite released a research report on music festivals in the U.S. Working with Mashwork, they analyzed online conversation to identify the "25 Most Buzzed About Music Festivals" and what the fans were talking about at the time. Many of the social media conversations occur before and after the events and a surprising number involve people not at the events. Clearly a lot to consider if you're interested in the relationship between social media and real world events as well as the growing music festival scene.

The joint research project from Eventbrite and Mashwork is available for free download.

The report drew on social media activities of "9,000 Twitter users who had discussed at least one music festival" and then dug into a "full year’s worth of social media conversation surrounding music festivals across Twitter, public Facebook, blogs, and forums."

54% of social media conversations took place before the event, 17% during and 29% after.

A significant amount of conversation involved people not at festivals:

"Roughly 1 out of every 4 posts about music festivals came from people participating remotely via live streams or other forms of engagement."

However the focus of discussion varied by festival (click for larger view):

Festival Conversation Breakdown

And here are the 25 Most Buzzed About Music Festivals:

● Bonnaroo
● BUKU Music + Art Project
● Brooklyn Hip Hop
● Burning Man
● Coachella
● Electric Daisy Carnival
● Electric Zoo
● Forecastle
● Gathering of the Juggalos
● Governors Ball
● Gulf Coast Jam
● Hangout
● HARD Summer
● iHeartRadio
● Lollapalooza
● Moogfest
● Mysteryland
● Pitchfork
● South by Southwest (Music)
● Spring Awakening
● Sun City
● SunFest
● TomorrowWorld
● Ultra
● Warped Tour


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