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Vinylhub-logoDiscogs is a combined music database, marketplace and community featuring both vinyl and CDs though I mostly associate it with vinyl. This week they launched a new site, VinylHub, as a "Discogs for Record Shops." There are already 1480 shops listed and 1990 members on the site. If your favorite record shop isn't on there, shouldn't you be listing it?

Discogs launched VinylHub earlier this week (via @hifidelics).

Here's the reason:

"The mission of Discogs is to build the biggest and most comprehensive music database and marketplace online. A site with discographies of all labels, all artists, all cross-referenced and an international marketplace built off of that database."

"With VinylHub we are extending this mission to document every physical record shop on the planet. You, our amazing community members, can help us achieve this goal by documenting your favorite local and regional shops!"

VinylHub's really pretty simple which is a good thing. It's a list of shops that can be searched or browsed each with a one page entry with basic info and a map.

You can also search for shops via a map interface on the Explorer page. The link is in the nav bar to the right of "Add Store." A bit unintuitive but there it is.

There's plenty more to do and there's a forum if you want to get involved in where things are going.


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