Google Testing New Music Ads

marchfourthmarchingband.comGoogle is testing new “Listen Now” ads from Spotify, Rhapsody, Apple 's Beats Music and its own Google Play.  Use Google search to find eclectic indie artists MarchFourth Marching Band, for example, and results include ads, grouped together under “Listen Now,” offering downloads and or song streams from some or all of the four music services.

click on image to enlarge Marchfourth marching band   Google Search

Previously, ads could have been placed on the search page, but more the position,  prominent display and labeling are new. These and other new ad units are designed to simplify purchasing from search, according to Google. 

“We’re happy to help users quickly find legitimate sources for their favorite movies, music and more via Google search,” a Google spokesman told the Wall Street Journal

Disclosure:  MarchFourth Marching Band is a client of Hypebot's sister company, boutique booking agency Skyline Music.

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