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Andrew Clayton

I think that as streaming devices, i.e. Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, become more accessible, and user-friendly, more people will opt-in to using the paid services the devices offer. Now, obviously there can be some debate as to whether people will buy the devices in order to better use the services they already pay for, or whether people will begin to use the services since they now have a way to stream them properly, but I do believe that with the access to the apps being more available on the devices there is a higher likelihood of someone purchasing a service that they see an option for every time they use the device. Think of it as a leftover pizza dilemma; it doesn't matter why it's in the fridge, but it is, you may not eat it, or want to eat it, but if you don't it goes to waste and the longer it sits there, and you see it when you open the fridge, eventual you will take a bite.

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