Increasing Your YouTube Views

Youtube-logo-635x310YouTube has been and continues to be a driving force in the music industry. As more and more people turn to live streaming for their music fix, album sales become a more obscure, less significant part of any artist's income. YouTube has gone from being a fad. to a trend. to an undeniable statement piece in the architecture of today's music industry – making it a tool every musician must learn how to utilize effectively. 

There are many contributing factors to the success (and failure) of YouTube videos. Choosing a catchy thumbnail, appropriate keyword identification, accurate tagging, and incentivizing your audience to watch your videos through to the end are all key components of a successful YouTube presence. Learn more techniques for getting the most out of YouTube with Liz Uhl on MusicThinkTank.com

"Through social media don’t just encourage fans/friends and family to watch your video – ask them to watch it, like it, favorite it, and comment on YouTube and Subscribe to your channel from that video watch page. The goal is to get YouTube to see your video as being interesting and important, this will increase your chance of getting on recommended lists and on the front page."

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