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Lindsey-stirling-shatter-meLast week Maker Studio's last co-founding YouTube star officially left the Disney-acquisition. This week Lindsey Stirling joins the YouTube MCN declaring in a press release that she's "one step closer to becoming a Disney princess!" For a canned quote it sounds pretty much like something Lindsey Stirling, who's created her own lane in the entertainment industry, might say. Given her aesthetic direction, such an outcome does not seem that unlikely.

Yesterday it was widely reported that Lindsey Stirling has signed with Maker Studios.

Maker Studios is one of the top YouTube Multi-Channel Networks bringing together over 1,000 channels by 2012 and helping establish a new system for aggregating and monetizing YouTube talent.

Last week the last co-founders left including YouTube star Lisa Donovan.

With Disney fully in charge Lindsey Stirling may yet live her Disney princess dreams:

"Maker is extremely proactive and creative with their talent...They seem to have mastered the difficult task of giving attention to their smaller, growing channels while still being able to add value to their larger established channels—plus, with this partnership, I am one step closer to becoming a Disney princess!"

[Thumbnail image of Lindsey Stirling's "Shatter Me"]


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