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Marketing Music During The Middle East Conflict

Kosha-dillz-portraitBy indie rapper Kosha Dillz (@koshadillz).

Marketing is used in everything. Unfortunately it is even used in war.

While my eyes are glued to television about the latest news in the Israel // Gaza conflict (I'm an Israeli citizen if you are wondering) I keep thinking of what is going on in relation to organizations and rallies and fighting. Wars and military operations cost way more money than concerts. But just think. You can create good music, bring people together, have them stop hating each other, and actually contribute something good to the world during a time when they need it. From events to songs, we'll show you some examples.

It's not a bad thing either. In fact, I believe it's a reality and we need to adapt to situation where our heart lies. Oh yeah…there is propaganda too..It's all marketing and you can learn something from it.

1. One Day (by Matisyahu) - Not only is this song about unity and freedom but it's also about gratitude. It has been reused in almost every situation, from bunkers of the current conflict to the 2010 Winter Olympics. Sara Merson, a Voice contestant, sang from an Ashdod Bomb Shelter and it brings real emotion to what life is all about.

2. John Lennon - Give Peace a Chance - John Lennon was surely profiting on peace during the Vietnam war. His song charts as high as #4 Yoko Ono continues to re-release it as a dance song in the future. They also remixed it after the World Trade Center bombings in 2001.

3. Fundraising Pool Party (org // music) - This is an example of something for friends of the IDF, where fundraising goes toward a group of people. Positive reinforcement, and almost like a rally at a pool party, but sexier. It can be for whatever. It doesn't only have to be a rally. People can fundraise for their cause in whatever way they want. A musician can raise money for humanitarian efforts whether it is from a war or from a natural disaster.

4. Talib Kweli backs out of Israel concert - A win for BDS yes, but I saw this as typical move for someone who wants to get more press on a situation. Playing the show wouldn't have gotten him as much press as pulling out of the Boombox festival, which was eventually cancelled due to safety concerns. He received press in nearly every hip hop outlet. Read about it here.

5. A Song about PTSD - I'm not so familiar on the topic but when you have limbless veterans and they are down for being in the video, this will make your song more popular on a hot topic about a war. Watch it here. Although this isn't the Middle East war, it surely will get picked up on during any conflict, and is a reality of post war experience.

6. Son of Hamas - Want to capitalize on a war? The Son of Hamas has been on CNN and although he has been on before it seems 2 years ago people forgot what he said before on television. Same book. Same #1 seller. Big opportunity. For those who didn't follow the war before, they have no idea. There are people who want to watch this topic day and night and CNN for sure has time for the guy who escaped his Terroristic Father and Hamas after finding the Christian faith. (watch it here) I'm not saying this is a bad thing either, but when a war will most likely never end, this book will always have a chance to resurge after every Israel-Hamas conflict.

Numbers 1 and 2 show the opportunity for a song. Even my latest song "no more war" was tweeted out by Matisyahu…twice, and has hit near 6,000 views in a week due to Facebook alone. The pool party is a fundraiser but can also be used as mixer for music career and raise all kinds of $$$. Backing out of a concert due to political reasons is generating lot of press, and taking a negative//positive is getting him more press than actually playing the festival.

A song about a specific topic like PTSD will have people and foundations sending this around when they never would otherwise.  The perils of war are going to be used to create awareness and accepting it as well.

The book is the best. If you have a book about war, best believe if a war breaks out, you will have speaking gigs. Luckily for Son Of Hamas, his book goes out in bigger numbers after every war, because people want to understand what is going on in the head of Hamas, and how someone could escape. Soon it'll all escape us and in two years it will be recycled again for more opportunity.

This is not a bad thing. But if you are an artist about peace, make sure you release something today because the world can surely use it!!

Peace out!!

Kosha Dillz is an Israeli-American rapper living in Los Angeles who loves the bustle, blueberry muffins, working out, rapping, freestyling, and touring the world. He also writes about marketing for Hypebot and has cool tank tops for sale that say Everything is Kosher. Check out his Bandcamp and Twitter.

Kosha Dillz and Diwon recently released a video with IDF Soldier Dror Gomel called "No More War", sampling the sounds of Dror's hand drumming from his own tank to create "No More War." Watch it here.

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