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Fundraising-maik-meid-flickrThis was a busy week for funding news. In addition to SeatGeek, KKbox, Rockbot and JoyTunes, 8tracks was revealed to be closing a $1.28 million round and Exploration announced $5 million in funding. Plus, a bonus for the week came in the form of a fundraising tip from CEO Shehzad Daredia.

8tracks' New $1.28 Million Round Revealed

8tracks, whose "Internet radio [is] created by people, not algorithms," was revealed to be closing a $1.28 million round of new funding according to an SEC document:

"Up until now the company has not only survived off of $1.5 million in funding, but is also profitable — not an easy task for most music startups...Today’s filing shows that the total funding round amount could end up being a bit higher at $1.4 million when it finally closes."

Exploration Receives $5 Million In Funding

Exploration, which "exists to help writers, artists, labels, publishers, media companies, and those that represent them get the most from YouTube," recently announced a funding round of $5 million from unidentified sources.

The money will allow Exploration to gives advances to clients on expected royalties making Exploration the "first digital rights company to offer such advances."

A Fundraising Tip From CEO Shehzad Daredia

"Create Time Pressure"

"A tactic that’s worked for me when fundraising is to create the perception of time pressure so investors have a forcing function. A high-risk, high-reward way to take that one step further is to very politely and diplomatically acknowledge that the VC is probably not well-equipped to make a decision fast enough to meet your timeline."

"For example, stating, ‘I know you guys must have a process to go through, so I understand if you can’t make our timeline.’ Issuing such a subtle, playful challenge to one VC resulted in them literally running after us in the parking lot shortly after our first meeting and saying, ‘We’re in for $2 million – is that fast enough for you?'"

[Thumbnail photo "Fundraising" courtesy Maik Meid.]


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