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THUMP covered it. & either Dummy or FACT, can't remember which.

Clyde Smith

Thanks but I'm finding references to Resident Advisor on both sites but not to this news.

I did see something on Vice's Thump from the day of and there's something on LessThan3.com today but that's it so far.

So there's some but a lot of the big sites ignored it.


We hesitated covering it on DJing TV channel not because it's a competitor, but because it's already done by many promoters


Actually this is quite non-news (far from being "pretty big news"), every e-ticketing platform nowadays has such a feature. Some promoter I told about it answered "Ah.. finally"

Clyde Smith

Can you give some examples of eticketing platforms with this feature?

Should be easy based on what you're saying.


We do something similar at Flavorus. You can transfer (not sell) any ticket (if the promoter allows it) to anyone else with a credit card. For example, people transferred ownership of thousands of EDC tickets this year. If there are sales, they take place privately, but the transfer is secure.

Ticketmaster does this too: too:http://www.ticketmaster.com/ticketexchange


Besides the 2 ones for US cited above, I can give some for Europe: Digitick/Zepass are the most famous (90% of places with tickets/festivals use it in France), Fidelite.mobi, Weezevent, ... Many others in Europe. Really any e-ticketing platform. That's prerequisite nowadays. I don't know for Australia though. Fidelite.mobi is even doing something smarter (adjusting capacity in real time, also real-time payment to promoter rather than delayed, we will probably use it at some point on Djing). I don't know any big festival this year that doesn't use this mechanism over here

PS: Have some trouble posting here. Comments are blocked from China and website simply delivers Typepad 404 when using Canadian SSH tunnel :( Ok thru France SSH tunnel

Clyde Smith

Sorry about the connection problems. That's Typepad and I don't have anything to do with this site's tech.

Ticketing: Great to hear more people are doing related things.

I don't know about the space to compare the size or importance. That's going to be one issue.

The thing is this isn't the first company to offer this service and I'm not claiming it is.

But it is a big deal in EDM. None of you have convinced me it's not. And maybe some of these other companies should step up their PR game.

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