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Joseph Pacini

If she was commissioned for the work, she was paid for it. I guess jealousy and envy of those who are more successful and more loved than you are is the root of evil that manifests itself as the so-called "justice" as played out in the U.S. Court systems of Satan. That is not God's law - which is the only law that matters. I support Sara Bareilles completely and will defend her any any costs.


This stupid woman is sue happy. She has previously filed suits against others before and has several pending now. It was street art she was paid for. Is it even copywrighted? Maya is just doing this for money. Money she would never get from selling one piece of crap mural she ever painted. Sara doesn't need to rip off anyone. I hope she fights it and wins.

Bobby Bottleservice

Congrats to Hypebot for reaching the Sara Bareilles Fan Club - heh...

Whether or not Maya Hayuk is particularly litigious doesn't negate the fact that Bareille's camp used her artwork without permission.

If Hayuk used a Bareilles song in the background of a video slide show on YouTube without first licensing the song, you can bet your ass Sony would have it yanked off line.

Good for Maya and shame on Sony.

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