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Stones Throw x AIAIAI Headphones Inspire My World Premiere Rap Mic Contest

Your-recordDanish headphone and audio accessories creator AIAIAI has been working with important artists and indie labels on special editions of their TMA-1 headphones. Previous collabs include Young Guru and Fool's Gold. Earlier this year they released an edition with Stones Throw. In a new promotional effort, they're inviting rappers to rap over Stones Throw's first release, "My World Premiere", using your headphone mic. TMA-1's are not required.

Back in February AIAIAI released the TMA-1 Stones Throw Edition Headphones (with the RapMic Headset). Now they're giving you a chance to "rap over "My World Premiere" and possibly win a Stones Throw debut:

"Inspired by the lyric 'When I didn't have a mic I rapped on headphones,' from Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf's 'My World Premiere,' Stones Throw and AiAiAi have created the World Premiere App. This app lets you record a verse over the beat to 'My World Premiere' with or without the TMA-1 mic, and upload the track to for everyone to hear."

The Rap Mic Contest

Go to My World Premiere for more details on the contest.

Here's the World Premiere iOS app.


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