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Kyle Williams

I love Spotify as a listener, but that platform does not really help artists. Perhaps providing a convenient way to listen to ther music and that's it.

Independent artists do make more money, but at some point they need a team to help them whether they put one together themselves or go with a small label.

Regardless I've seen artist make a living who put a focus on their email list for marketing and building fan relationships.

Good article.


The other thing I'd add to the gloomy side of this discussion is that it seem clear that BMI and ASCAP care less than ever about artists who are not part of that upper echelon of multi-million dollar sellers. In fact, they don't even have a way of tracking any airplay except for the very biggest stations via Neilsen's satellite and they've made no effort to rectify this. ASCAP killed the one tool (Media Guide) that was out there for monitoring airplay at 2nd tier commercial, community, and college radio stations. That's how little they give a $hite about you if you're not Bruce Springsteen.

Tony Hymes

First off, streaming might be hurting artists as it's set up now, but it's undeniably a technological trend, fighting against it is pointless. It's what the record labels did when the MP3 came out, and they got decimated by Napster before iTunes was created.

The last part of this article is key: how do we find the gems in all the noise? This is where services like Spotify need to focus on curation, it's what we do at Whyd, when there is infinite choice, it's nearly impossible for us to seek out anything by ourselves (just go to Soundcloud and try to find an amazing song). We need bloggers, curators, influencers to take the place of the role that used to go to radio to help people connect with the amazing amount of good music that's hidden amongst the noise.

Big Wayne

This article is very informative. I think most independent artist rely too much on social media. I see artist with tons of Facebook friend, twitter & instagram followers with no website of their own and don't even own their domain name. Or they use Reverb Nation or add Soundcloud as their main web presence. These are all great tools to promote your artistry, but as stated in the article you become part of the noise. I personally think you should use social media as an appetizer not the main course, to get people to your own site where the information os 100% about you. No distraction!

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