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Tango Adds Channels For Rhapsody and SoundCloud

Tango-logoBack in June the Tango messaging app/platform launched Tango Channels to offer special content partners an organic way to reach Tango users. Initially such major music brands as Spotify, 8tracks and Vevo were included. Tango's Channels are off to a strong start and more big music names are coming on board. You can now find channels for Rhapsody and SoundCloud among a growing group of music channels.

Tango is a popular messaging app and, as many are discovering, such apps can seem a bit impenetrable for marketing purposes given they feature private communications. But part of the power of messaging are the various levels of privacy and that's important. Another part of the power is mass involvement. According to Tango they now have "more than 200 million members worldwide across 224 countries."

What's great for musicians and music companies is that they are starting to find ways for bands and brands to get some extra attention beyond advertising. In Tango's case that includes the launch of Tango Channels.

These dedicated feeds are displayed prominently in Channels with a specific section for music as well as featured channels that include music brands.

Yesterday Tango announced the addition of new brands including SoundCloud and Rhapsody. We'd already heard Vevo was going to be available but Vimeo is also going to have a channel. Though Vimeo doesn't focus on music videos many of the artsier music video directors have accounts there.


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