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Christopher Bright

The dust hasn't settled yet on where the industry's going, but in this uncertain time, it seems that there's still room for the creative and innovative to prosper. It seems to me like trying to balance the technology and the humanity is one of the big keys, though it's easier said than done.

Soup Pop

It's Sub Pop, not Sup Pop.


Interesting that indie labels are pursuing this strategy. Is the value of sub pop's streaming service curation ? Or that is offers fans a way of being more loyal to the artists? I'm not sure what the value is compared to a subscription to Spotify and a sub pop playlist. Is the artist payed a better rate through dripfm?


I like this business model for Independent Labels/Artists we must remember that the FAN is the most important factor in the equation. Giving him/her the best alternative to enjoy their favorite artists. Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/flaggemdown @FlaggEmDown

Jonathan Tea

I wouldn't say streaming is a "music lover's dream" but rather a "bargain hunter's dream." I have yet to find a streaming service that doesn't sound like an AM radio at the bottom of a garbage can, and for what they pay (or don't pay) artists makes them a "music lover's worst nightmare."


Makes me wonder if there's an opportunity here to provide a special streaming service specifically for the "influencers" who want early or special access to artist content. Imagine bringing all the indie labels together to provide exclusive content and commentary to those of us who care about it. I'd certainly pay a subscription for it. Make the quality of the content better than Spotify and it's a no-brainer.

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