This Infographic Untangles The Complex Web Of U.S. Music Royalties

image from musicbiz.orgA new infographic from trade group Music Biz, “Music Royalties USA Quick Start Guide,” offers songwriters and performing musicians a simpler way to understand the complex framework they must navigate to receive full  payment for their work. Included are how royalties are handled for songwriters, publishers, and performers in various media ranging from physical and download sales, radio, tv, satellite, the various forms of streaming, and synchronization.

The infographic also explains some of the more misunderstood jargon related to royalties and tells songwriters, publishers, and performers exactly which entities they need to register with.  The “Music Royalties USA Quick Start Guide” is the latest in a series of informational infographics from  Music Biz including “Global Music Licensing Quick Start Guide,” “SEO for Music Websites,” and “Artist Website Toolkit.”

 “Because the rules governing music royalties are so complex and differ so greatly from one medium to another, many artists are leaving a significant amount of money on the table without even knowing it,” said Bill Wilson, Vice President of Digital Strategy and Business Development at Music Biz. 

image from musicbiz.org

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